Advanced sports injury care.

Whether you’re a hard-training competitive athlete or a weekend warrior, you know the pain and frustration injuries can cause. When you injure your foot or ankle, it can sideline you for long periods of time if you don’t get proper treatment. Dr. Goldstein has the training, experience and specialized expertise you need to stay competitive. Some of the sports injuries he treats include:

Plantar fasciitis/Heel pain Tendonitis
Achilles tendon injuries Ankle sprains
Toe injuries, including turf toe

Advanced care for infected toenails.

If you’ve noticed discoloration and thickening of the nail – or a separation of the nail from the bed – you have a fungal infection. Without treatment, the nail bed itself may become infected. The good news is that Dr. Goldstein is here to help. He can determine whether an advanced antifungal medication such as Lamisil® is needed to kill the fungi or if professional nail trimming is all that is needed to resolve the problem.

Find lasting relief from chronic heel pain.

Painful lumps, or heel spurs, can grow behind or under the heel bone, and Dr. Goldstein can relieve your pain often without surgery. That’s because he spends time to understand exactly what’s causing your heel pain. Is it an inflamed fascia or is it nerve pain? He’ll perform a comprehensive examination to get to the root of your problem. Most of his heel pain patients don’t require surgery.

Dr. Goldstein can use a combination of custom orthotics, injection therapy, physical therapy and/or medication to help you walk comfortably again. When conservative treatment does not relieve your pain, he can also perform minimally invasive endoscopic plantar fasciotomy (EPF).

Helping diabetics rest their feet and ease their fears.

Dr. Goldstein is highly trained and experienced in the maintenance and management of diabetic foot issues. He will take special steps to help guard you against infections, foot ulcers and damage caused by poor circulation. And this includes educating you in the latest ways to care for your condition. For those with diabetic foot ulcers, Dr. Goldstein also has extensive experience performing wound care.

Get the custom orthotics advantage.

Dr. Goldstein offers a full line of custom-molded orthotics that are made directly from a cast of your feet. He also carries an excellent line of prefabricated prescription-quality Powerstep® inserts. These help with heel and arch pain, flatfeet, shin splints and other foot-related problems. They are a must for most athletes and are also helpful for some of the more common foot problems many of us experience from time to time.